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To be released Jan 30 2014!
Pre-order and receive a complimentary audio book via email.

Book printed and bound by Ink Press Productions with two covers, both letter press printed. Inner cover comes in hot green or pink.

Cover art by Kaitlin Murphy.

Tim Paggi's WORK ETHIC is so fun and stylish that only hours later did I notice how many of his turns of phrase had gotten stuck in my throat. These unflinching poems churn with the nouns of both contemporary distraction and age-old dread: "One french fry stands apart / from a hill of old receipts, / thinking 'I should feel crisp and golden, / but I'm soggy with death and grease.'" Let's all gorge on this doomed and true chapbook and then email Paggi and let him know how we feel.
--Gabe Durham, author of FUN CAMP (Publishing Genius, 2013)
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