World War II has ended. On a farm in the Great Valley of Colorado, the youngest son failed to return from Normandy, leaving the mother tucked in bed with grief and a ticking in her ear. In the fields, the velvetleaf weeds are encroaching on the sugar beets and the oldest son and the wife can barely keep up with the demand of the work. Life changes in a night, when the oldest son fails to cut the head clean off the dinner chicken. When the chicken survives the blow, the wife decides to name him Michael. Soon realizing the fortune that can come from a headless chicken, the oldest son and wife take off for life on the road with the travelling circus’ Tent of Nature’s Mistakes. The rest is history, a strange journey in a world where tigers have three legs and elephants have no ears and chickens have no heads.

She Named Him Michael is an exploration of the true short and strange life of America's only living headless chicken, Miracle Mike (1945-1947). With cinematic quality of description, Rounds captivates the reader through the stark reality of an American farm to the bizarre reality of the traveling circus. Though the landscape changes, life is a spectacle.

coming from Ink Press Productions, May 2017

6 x 9 soft cover
69 Pages

Book Design and letterpress printing by Amanda McCormick, Interior Design by Tracy Dimond, Images by Teddy Johnson, and interior printing by Spencer Printing.

Hardbound with love by IPP in Baltimore, Maryland.
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