HOW TO HAVE A DAY by Megan McShea

HOW TO HAVE A DAY by Megan McShea

Poems by Megan McShea released Saturday May 22, 2015. 

“Megan McShea's book of poetry, How to have a day is like a letter from a beloved friend, telling a fantastical story that would be hard to believe if the friend wasn't so scrupulously honest. The words in the poems move one by one like minutes in a new day. These beautiful poems are strange inoculations.”
-Chris Mason

“Here McShea reminds us that every day is movement and redeeming and learning and time is ours for the taking. How to be “a maker participating” not only in the fruitful moments of our lives but in the gentle minutiae? How to live in the world beyond its cruelty and pain and ruin? “It’s up to you and your heat,” writes McShea. Anything can change in an instant, and if we’re present in waking and determined to exploit our consciousness, McShea shows us how language is an enchantment that can fuel and defy and unmask our every moment.”
-Michelle Dove, author of Radio Cacophony


Interior art by Jackie Milad.
Hand-bound by Ink Press Productions.
Letterpress printing, book & cover design by Amanda McCormick.
Interior layout Tracy Dimond.