Slot & Tab

Process Video of making a simple Slot & Tab book. You can make this book with just a few sheets of paper!

Size: 5 x 5.5

Materials I used:

6 sheets reclaimed poster paper

ruler or straightedge



1. Gather materials and cut paper to size designed. I decked my paper by folding it in half and tearing it (this is optional)

2. Fold the sheets into half to make folios. I used 6 sheets but any even number is fine.

3. Mark & cut along the fold of half the books to create "tabs." These can be any size you want as long as the correspond with the slots. For the paper I'm using, 1/2 in. - 1 in. works great.

4. With the remaining folios, find about the middle point along the spin and make a dot 1/2 inch away from fold.

5. Position your straight edge diagonally to line up with the dot and off the paper the same distance away from the edge as you made your tabs (.5-1in.)

6. Repeat to create a triangle and then cut out.

7. Use the folio that has your new slot to trace the others and cut them out!

8. Now, combine the folio sets by rolling the tab pages so that they can slide into the slots created (from the inside of the book). Repeat with all page sets.

9. Now you have a set of signatures. To combine the signatures, lay your first signature on the table with the slot (diamond) side up.

10. Take the tab side of the next signature (the back) and slide it into the first slot like before but this time from the outside.

11. Repeat with as many signatures as you'd like until you achieve the designed thickness.

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