Process Video of making a simple Matchbook hybrid using reclaimed materials. You can make this book with just a few sheets of paper and add whatever content you wish.

Book size: 3.75in. x 5.75in.

Materials I used:

6 sheets recycled paper including 3 sheets of reclaimed book pages (7in x 3.5in)

Thick stock poster paper (12in x 3.75in)

Needle & Thread




  1. Arrange pages in desired order, creating a "stadium" pattern.

  2. Fold the set upwards so that the spacing at the bottom edge completes the pattern.

  3. Place the signature inside the cover about an inch from the bottom.

  4. Pull the cover around and position the paper where you would like it to rest inside the flap.

  5. Secure with clips on either side

  6. Just below the cover flap, poke two holes in about the middle, spaced how you wish. Please note: you may want a protective surface to poke your holes. I used my chair outside but it's not fancy and don't care if it has a little hole :P

  7. From the side you'd like the tie to appear: enter in one hole with your threaded needle and then exist the other.

  8. Tie the two ends to complete your simple saddle stitch. Like many stitches, this stitch is used to join materials together. There are many possibilities and variations for this stitch. The main thing to remember is that the strength of this stitch depends on the security of the knot.

  9. Finish the book by creasing the top edge of the cover and tucking the bottom edge into the front flap.

  10. You now have a matchbook. Feel free to take inspiration from the source materials and include any additional content you wish.

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