Beach Sloth reviews Mark Cugini’s I’m Just Happy to Be Here.


Timmy Reed interviews Tim Paggi about Baltimore, color, and process in What Weekly.


Bret McCabe talks to Tim Paggi about poetry, life, and process in Baltimore City Paper.


Beach Sloth reviewed Tim Paggi’s Work Ethic.


Theodore Webb wrote about us after attending the Western Maryland Indie Lit Festival.


Timmy Reed wrote about the Pop-Up Lit Shop in What Weekly we collaborated with EMP Collective to bring you literature and performance art. Oh my!


Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today was voted City Paper’s Best Chapbook.


Buck Downs highlights espresso ink V as the Publication of the Week at the Pink Line Project.


Jim Warner asked Tracy Dimond about books, being casual, and footraces at QUIDDITY INTERNATIONAL LITERARY JOURNAL for the 5Q4Q series.


jmww asks Amanda McCormick about the creative process on their blog.


Blonde Arts Books shares the experience of coming to Baltimore.


Buck Downs discusses Ink Press Productions, Joseph Young’s Small Houses Project, and other literary things at The Pink Line Project’s Pink Line Blog.


Beach Sloth reviewed Amanda McCormick’s nightmare poems.

Cort Bledsoe talks about Ink Press Productions, reviews Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today, and reviews 5 drawing of the maryland sky, on his blog, Murder Your Darlings.


Beach Sloth reviewed Joseph Young’s 5 drawings of the maryland sky.


Rachel Hyman asked Amanda McCormick and Tracy Dimond about Ink Press Productions at Banango Lit.

Interview with Aaron Henkin on WYPR 88.1.

Beach Sloth reviewed Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today.


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