originality is a gesture

we like to love paper
                                                                                    VEIW OUR SELECTION OF .PDF BOOKLETS HERE

books made of

found paper sources



lets assume that everything is riding on one thing

& questions say     are you liberated or are you held down by sensibility, gnawing our human wisdom?

when he thinks about something he must know how it relates to what he is          how it is part of what he becomes,

allows for freedom & understanding—with this grip he makes things work.


to bring book & paper into the conceptual       the form figures and lives, chances posing his body, obsessed on walking

a part of what will be the perception of audience. & all of perception is material. he finds it important to understand where things originated because it helps him to taste when life is process.

when we focus on process we realize truth of what he sought. keeping his mind on the outcome or product will restrict—he finds himself wondering why it is important to be unrestricted             so this is how he realizes will. this is how books are found breathing


gestured paper & books are a way to express this. In light of process, when you focus on raw material, you allow yourself to connect with the energy of the subject. using this material is rich, it has history, therefore energy of itself.

these things do not have to be fetish-ized. like his life, instances are abundant and fleeting. he can be handled and torn, elements that further enhance his energy. and of course above all this paper stands cared for.


so much our comprehension in such “book arts” is crafted product, proper technique                       instead to connect with material, the elements of paper and objects, these shall produce booklets and broadsides.

we make many of them and he will wonder and see them laid out on long tables to be handled, displayed on walls.

if art is a way of realizing life

a human likes to think he is undone        it gives him reason to brush his teeth and eat and gives me reason to seek, complete            there is hope in knowing holes            as to watch your step when you’re traveling toward the hurried balls

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