The origin of Gypsy Grandma

The fortune telling penny arcade, known as Gypsy Grandma, the machine that knew the fortunes of whoever passed, was nothing special. Every midway had its version. Wizards, or young Egyptian princesses offering easy forecasts of romances, marriages and births on small slips of paper. But Gypsy Grandma knew to offer only one message.



To celebrate the release of Heather Rounds’, She Named Him Michael, we’re asking you to write your own fortune. Positive, apocalyptic, atmospheric—let’s hear your predictions as we await the publication of the fictionalized account of the true, short, and strange life of America's only living headless chicken, Miracle Mike. We can always count on a beginning and an end.


Hashtag your fortunes (image or text versions) with #gypsygrandma & we will share them on our pages. We’ll also read a selection at the launch party!

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